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Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt
  • Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt

    SKU: 0007

    Gildans Men's 100% Cotton T-Shirt Full Color Shirt.


      Directions for keeping your HOB looking good for a long time: First, always use cold water.  Cold water will get your clothes clean and it's certainly gentler on the fabric.Second, don't use bleach or other strong detergent products. Use a stain remover on spots and use a mild detergent on your clothes.Third, turn your clothes inside out before you wash and dry them. The inside out maneuver is to prevent fading and to protect printing and embellishments. Fourth, do not put your clothes in a hot dryer. You want to dry t-shirt but always remove them from the dryer before they are completely dry to hang up or lay out to finish drying. High heat is probably the worst enemy of custom printed apparel.


      Custom screen printed or DTG items cannot be returned. We will gladly exchange or replace the item(s) if the item is defective. In such cases we will need the item(s) back and we would replace the item(s) for free.  We must be notified of the exchange request within 48 hours of date of delivery. Items with noticeable wear cannot be returned. Items must be in like new condition to be eligible for return.

      HOB stands behinds the quality of its products, which means that if we screw up, we will make it right.

    Color: white
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